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Meek Aint Weak

OH SHIT! Excuse my language but Mr. Meek Millie raised some extremely valid questions in his new song Wanna Know (Drake Diss). And I am here for these braids Drizzy, you look poetic BOO! Meek turned the OVO owl into a ghost with this one. But who is QUENTIN? Is it the Quentin Miller that featured on the track with him. OMG this is too much for me, just go listen and tell me what you think in the comments.

Listen here,


Meek Gets Dissed BACKTOBACK

Child! When Drake said “trigger fingers turned into twitter fingers,” I nearly lost my damn mind. But once I found my sense I must admit I did play Drakes new freestyle diss to Meek Mill BACK TO BACK BOO!

Here’s the follow-up diss from Drizzy to Millie!


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Sins in Cincinnati: University Police Officer turns himself in after being indicted for murder

University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing turnns himself in after being indicted Wednesday on a murder charge for fatally shooting Samuel DuBose during a traffic stop July 19, 2015.

July 19, 2015 a college campus police officer fatally shot Samuel DuBose during a routine traffic stop. Now hold up-Wait a minute! This has to be the millionth time I’ve typed these words and every time I do I pray for it to be the last. But it isn’t, killing black people over a traffic stop is the NEW routine and Americas new reality. DuBose was pulled over by University of Cincinnati police for allegedly driving without his front tags or licence plate. Officer Tensing then approached DuBose in his car and attempeted to open his door and pull DuBose out of his vehicle for failing to show his license. It didn’t take long for Police Officer Ray Tensing to be indicted for murder after the video recording taken from his body cam was released. Watch the video below and you’ll see why. Please watch with discretion, I even covered my eyes a few times. Leave your response to the video in the comments section below.

Sending all of my smooches to the loved ones of Samuel DuBose.


Meek! Where You At?

Puhlease understand me when I say Safaree Samuels has lost his mind in the most lyrical way possible. In his newest track “Lifeline” Safari SB Samuels throws some serious shots at Meek Mill and his Ex Nicki Minaj. You wont have to read deep into this song much like the Drakes “Charged Up'” (Meek Mill Diss). Safaree definitely exposed Nicki for using punch lines and bars that he created on her album The Pink Print like, “I got em scared, shook, panicannnnn *my nicki minaj voice* or should I say my Safaree Samuels VOICE! Either way this track is trash but I definitely got a good laugh out of it. Listen to it here.


Family Fashion Battle: Kardashians vs. Jenners

Who Slayed Who?

Lets start with my most unfav Jenner, going up against my most unfav Dashian!

Kim vs Kylie

Im sorry is that two Kimmys? Wait no! Its just Kylie being annoying in Kim K’s closet. I have no choice but to pick a winner so I’ll go with Kylie. But ONLY because I love shoulder pads and suckers!

Next, lets add some height to this fashion fight.

Khloe vs Kendall
Khloe vs Kendall

Khloe’s waist is definitely to die for!!! But Kendall takes the cake as the Lady in Red! You just cant say no to a well tailord dress.

Are you ready for the biggest battle of them all?

Kris vs Cait!
Kris vs Cait!
Kris vs Cait!
Kris vs Cait!

Im sorry Kris but Caitlyn is the new cool mom. I am here for Caitlyn’s multi colored hunty and isn’t it just a little funny how you can close your eyes and say “Kris and Cait” and the names still sound like a married couple? LMAO.

Vote here to choose which sexy mama slayed and which one played?

Come Thru Cait: Caitlyn Jenner spotted clubbing in LA

Caitlyn Jenner, which I think is miss petty with a purpose for not keeping up with a K, was seen Saturday night leaving The Abbey, a hot LGBT nightclub in LA! And may I say, the gurl was slaying in her all black leather, low-cut, legs out, waist snatched honey! OMG! I love me some Jenner’s. Well most of them, I still don’t know how I feel about Kylie. It feels like last week she was the ugly duckling and now she’s had more plastic tactics done than her dad. But that didn’t stop Cait from tearing the club up this weekend. It appeared to be a film crew recording Caity as she got her life! Will we get to see how the 65 year-old turns up on her new reality show I Am Cait? All I know is I’m happy to see she’s in a good place in her life.


Live fabulously boo,




Mistress Murda Scene

Two women were shot and killed Wednesday morning in west Georgia, but there was only one victim. Are you ready for the biggest plot twist of your life? Apparently, both women had a romantic relationship with the same man at the same dame time. Sandra Barnett, 49, was kidnapped from her home in suburban Atlanta by her husband’s side chic! After police responded to the incident a high-speed chase followed. While the mistress (still unidentified) was on the run with her lover’s wife she reached into her back seat to grab her gun. The situation went from being an irresponsible love-triangle to murder-suicide real quick. See, this is why I have trust issues now. If I’m married to you, there should be no reason in the world some thot is coming from you and coming for me. One of Sandra’s relatives reported the kidnapping to police describing the car make and model the little hoe pulled up in. But boo, if you saw everything WHY DIDN’T YOU HELP THE POOR LADY? I can’t stand a friend that wont jump in. I’m not placing the blame on anyone but if your friends or family get rowdy YOU get rowdy. And ladies, if your man is cheating on you, leave his ungrateful self behind. You can’t feed a man and his mistress without starving first.

Smooches! Continue reading “Mistress Murda Scene”


Instagram is about to piss-off 100 percent of the world today. I woke up to find the hashtag #curvy has been banned on the social media site. An IG spokesperson told Yahoo “#curvy was being used to share content that violates our guidelines around nudity.” I’m just a bit confused since I saw a woman #freethenipple yesterday and WOW would you look at that, today is hashtag #eggplantfriday theeggplant, and if you don’t know, now you know! I’m so sorry but I honestly sang that really loud, I’m cracking up. But I know I’m not the only person who thinks the eyes of the gram should be focused more on the memes that help share hate and more so the disgusting things that appear on my timeline during #IgAfterDark! The term curvy has been used on instagram to unify people that love the skin they’re in. From hashtags like #curvyisthenewblack and #curvyfashion people have been able to gain self-confidence in a place where intense criticism and bullying take place. Why don’t you guys do me a favor and ban people from posting shout out pictures of their broke down baby sis? Thanks in advance.


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